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Our Story

We kicked off 4 years ago as a group of friends with a love for technology. As daily participants of the London commuter 'rat race', we regularly faced being bashed from pillar to post, whilst at the same time, trying to protect our laptops and smart phones from the outside world. As you can probably appreciate, technology doesn't generally respond well to flailing elbows, drops, kicks or being trapped in a set of train doors.

Two laptops, an iPhone, one Samsung Galaxy and a bright red Ferrari Acer notebook later (Yes, It seemed a good idea at the time and I had no idea the thing sounded like a Formula 1 Ferrari on start-up! How embarrassing, lesson learned. It was foolish!), we decided we had to do something about it.

Not only are most Laptop Bags incredibly dull but they also make you look like a total nerd and generally don't offer any real protection. They are also not cheap which means you are generally investing in something that doesn't really serve the purpose you need it for. So, powered by a ton of Rocket Fuel coffee (real name, Google it!), we sat down and began to spit-ball some ideas around designing a laptop bag that actually delivered on its promises. After a few heated discussions and lots of head scratching, we came up with design of our first bag. Not only did it offer a high level of protection but it was tough and also had the added feature of power! Yes, that was the moment when our first solar charging backpack was born.

Where we are now...

Fast-forward 5 years and we have a range of functional Laptop Backpacks, protective Laptop Bags and tablet sleeves to cater for the every day commuter. We also have customers using our bags for their commute in 57 countries!

Like yours, our journey hasn't been an easy one but the difficulties we have overcome have enabled us to make better quality bags. We have listened to our customers, who are real people and real commuters, in an effort to understand what they really need. This is why we are working hard to design more bags that people actually love to use.

Our story continues.....