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For the ultimate summer hiking accessory look no further than the CrossKase Solar 15 backpack. The rugged rucksack has built-in solar panels that let you charge your portable gadgets on the move, be it your smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or games console. - 'Top 5 Solar Gadgets for the Summer'

The Huffington Post

You may lament some aspects of this progression of technology, but the truth is that there are some fantastic products now available that now enable us to actually work solely from our bags - if you wanted to. Obviously, you need to start with a pretty special bag, and what could be better than a backpack that can keep all your precious tech charged and ready to go?

Yahoo Tech

The CrossKase Solar 15 backpack soaks up the natural sunlight to charge your power-hungry devices. It features a built-in 3 Watt solar panel on the front of the bag, a high capacity internal battery for storing the energy and lots of padded pockets to protect your gear.

BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2, Simon Mayo's Drivetime - 'Innovation Slot'.

The Independent

"Smart-looking; potential life-saver in battery emergency".

Earth Times

The CrossKase Solar 15 backpack features a three Watt built-in solar panel, which uses sunlight and artificial light to charge gadgets on-the-go and is one of the most powerful products of its kind.


Featured in '25 Best Travel Gadgets'

MSN Tech

For a rugged, well-built solar-powered laptop rucksack, you really cannot beat the new Crosskase Solar, a remarkably lightweight backpack with a powerful in-built solar power charging system to ensure that you never run out of juice when travelling or working on the move.

Expert Review

In addition to its clever solar panel design, the Crosskase Solar 15 includes water-repellent 1680D ballistic nylon design, 25 litre capacity with pockets suitable for tablets, mobile phones, and laptops up to 15in diagonal, a hide-away rain cover and an airflow padding system at the rear for improved comfort.

Alt Sounds

"Just imagine how handy it'll be, if you ever get lost at Glasto and somehow find yourself stumbling over a field in the middle of the countryside. You thought you had no battery on your phone, then you remember oeMy Solar 15!. So you whack the phone on charge and hey presto: back in business."

Crowded Brain

Whether you are a traveller, business commuter, gamer, or all three and more at different times, you will often seek the power to keep your essential gadgets going as well as a secure and protective way to carry your belongings. The Crosskase Solar 15 backpack therefore offers a solution to the above by combining a rugged bag with a solar power charger unit - so you should have plenty of extra power to keep your devices going.


This is the perfect bag to take with you for this years festivals 2013 I mean, who wants to pay a shit load of money to charge their phone at those silly little phone booths at festivals when you can have it charging right on your back.

International Business Times

There's no denying that the Crosskase Solar 15 can be a lifesaver. Whether stranded on the top of a mountain, at a festival or simply while out and about, having the extra juice to power up your smartphone, tablet or GPS device is great.

CNN Travel

10 luxury essentials for the stylish traveller.

This Crosskase backpack can charge all of your essential devices -- including your phone, camera, GPS and music devices -- while you're on the go, via solar panels.

It's as useful on planes and trains as it is on far-flung mountain tops and festivals and hard to top in terms of functionality.

Bald Hiker

I must admit to having this kit as part of my life as much as the phone now.. An integral part of my tweeting and blogging life without being stuck at home as much. It can go with me anywhere.. The long walks out with the hounds, the beach, the train, short day walks out in the country, by the pool or even those luxury skiing holidays. It does what it is supposed to do and looks the part.

This is fake DIY!

This beast of a backpack not only holds laptops up to 15 in size, it also features a solar-powered battery that's able to charge all kinds of gadgets " most notably your phone. The manufacturers reckon its best use is when you're at a festival, stranded from your mates on the way to a band. We say sod your mates, get to the music: then use the fancy attachments to charge batteries overnight ready for the next day's festivities.

Latest Gadgets

Imagine if you're lost 10,000 feet high on a snow-capped mountain and need help but your phone has no battery and your GPS has died. Plug either of them into the Solar 15 and you'll have the power to make that emergency call or find directions and be safe and sound in no time.


as a backup power supply, the CrossKase Solar 15 is a nice option, not to mention a perfectly serviceable medium-sized backpack in its own right.

Star rating: 4/5 Stars


"In short, I luuuuurve. If you are a mutli-gadgeted bod who is out and about a lot this little gem is for you."

BBC Focus

The solar cell fitted to this backpack powers a battery which stores enough electricity to charge up a smartphone twice over. Fill it up from the mains before you leave, then top it up with the Sun's rays while you explore the countryside.

Belfast Telegraph

If you're planning a summer hike then the Crosskase 15 Solar backpack is the perfect accessory to assist you on an outdoor adventure.

The Daily Express

THIS must be the worst summer ever to launch a solar-powered backpack. But I've put the Crosskase Solar 15 through its paces and even in the gloom it has worked. The 25-litre bag has solar panels and can recharge most handheld devices: phones, iPods, cameras and the like.

Music Tech

It's really designed for the type of person who likes to think of themselves as a 'free spirit' but who actually can't live with their mobile phone.

Bring the Noise

It is easy to switch between the three styles of bags: for the backpack you can un-tuck the padded shoulder straps; for the messenger you can use the adjustable strap; and for the tote, you can use the magnetic top handle.

Latest Gadgets: Four of the best new laptop bags

If you're a modern individual you're probably wearing any number of metaphorical hats and appreciate technology that is equally flexible. The Crosskase Fusion bag features three bag styles within one compact package " messenger, tote and rucksack. The bag uses Ballistic Nylon construction, inner padding and an exterior flap to ensure items are well protected from the elements and theft.

Reg Hardware - Backpacks for Tech Heads

We took a look at two designs from new British company Crosskase, the Fusion 3-in-1 and the Solar, both of which show the firm thinks outside the box when drawing up bag blueprints.

Fusion - Despite the strange design, the 3-in-1 has an odd charm too and is undoubtedly protective of your tech.

Solar - Considering there's a massive futuristic panel on the front, the Solar is of average size and definitely one I'd use for my everyday journeys.

Sunday Express

IN THE BAG: Luggage

Crosskase Fusion bag features a 3-in-1 design, messenger, tote or backpack.


Gadgets, gadgets and yet more gadgets. If you're not swiping, you're flipping or ultrabooking. There's a dizzying array of new and expensive gadgets to play with - and break. You'll be needing a carry case that can pack in all your inventory - that avoids looking like a glorified handbag. We think, therefore, that the Crosskase Fusion, at this price, is a pretty good starting point. High quality Ballistic Nylon construction, inner padding means items are virtually bomb-proof. (This is an exaggeration.)

The Sun

"Accessory of the week"


"Rest assured you will never again be cut off!"

British Forces Broadcasting Service

"A good action bag". (Solar Backpack)

Don't leave home without one! (Solar Backpack)

Gadget List

We LOVE it! Who knew a laptop bag could look so sleek and sexy.

The Observer

It's a well executed, clever idea. (Solar Backpack)


Rather swanky! (Solar Backpack)

Classic Rock

Crosskase have pulled out all the stops.

Irish Tatler Man

Now that's what we call a bag of tricks.

Student 365

FD Choice - Combines cool design and useful functionality! (Solar Backpack)

Business Info

Editors Choice Awards

New Business Magazine

This high-quality backpack with integral solar charger and battery is one of the solutions we use. Pack it with your snorkel and you are ready for Glastonbury, or a trip down the Amazon, the water levels can be very similar.

Oh yes, by the way, it is after all a rucksack that you can put things in, being waterproof, and with a healthy 25 litres of space it is ready to rock and roll when the festival season comes around. But it is equally comfortable in business-class, looking after your laptop or netbook.

Green Steve

As with most purchases, I'd always go for a high quality item that has the potential to last a very long time. Buying a cheaper option that falls apart after a couple of years is far worse for the environment than buying something that lasts.

I would say that Crosskase make a pretty good quality product so they'd get my vote for that reason and the functionality is good too " they are definitely worth taking a look at.

The Log

This versatile and compact backpack makes an ideal present for travellers. It is comfortable to wear and perfect for commuting on a bike. It can safely hold Macbooks from 13in to 17in in a protective pocket, plus there are dedicated protective iPad and iPhone compartments. It's made from repellent nylon and has a cushioned breathable air-mesh backing, giving a cosy fit on the back.

Volvo Magazine - Czech Republic

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